The Pessimist.

I’ve always considered myself to be a pessimist
Not for kudos or difficulty
but because deep down inside I can’t help but feel
that if someone gave me a glass of water that was half full
I’d ask “hey, where’s the rest of my drink!?”

I’ve always considered my pessimism to be a sign
that I expect the best out of life, and not the opposite
that I expect the storm but learnt to ride it
that I deserve more than half full things.

People tell me that positivity is the key to happiness
Well, no disrespect, but I disagree
I like the pessimist I’ve learned to be
Positivity often seems forced, or ignorant
to the pain the world feels.

“Yes, we can make a difference!”
“Yes we can be the change we want to see!”
But quite simply, not if we’re so busy talking up the positives
that we ignore the screaming negative reality that everyone lives in.

Not if our sole focus
is to make those in pain
feel bad for being in pain
or for not seeing that glass as half full
when all they’re asking for is the whole experience;
Not just some optimist’s view of what we should be thankful for.

Respectfully, I pessimistically disagree
that life is wonderful
because it isn’t.

Pain is real.
Hope is thin.
Storms come.
And there is nothing wrong with standing in the rain sometimes.


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