It is like a vortex in the centre of your chest
a gaping portal to no-man’s land.
a temporary insanity that never truly lifts;
like driving through a fog with no headlights.

Soon enough the world starts getting drawn in
into the centre of the churning hole
reason and rationale disappear
and all you feel is danger, danger, danger.

You want to run;
or at least eliminate some of the noise surrounding the vortex.
You want to curl up in your mother’s bed and weep
til her soothing calm drives all fear away

Only you can’t. You are an adult now.
And life demands your responsibilities;
demands you keep turning up;
demands you fight the force of the void

Only you can’t. Because it isn’t rational, and it can’t be reasoned with.
Cold, hard, panic and fear.
And soon you find yourself on the floor
expressing only short, shallow gasps of anxiety.


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