I opened my eyes before the birds woke me;
I opened my eyes to a frozen dawn.
It’s been less than 2 weeks since you left me;
since you left your room with its shutters drawn.

Loving you is like a breath I take;
essential and unconsciously done.
Missing you is like a bone that breaks;
like ice broken up by the winter sun.

A splintering ache where the pieces once fit,
a shattering cold that now has set in
and I’m left to face this winter alone,
without you next to me.

The frozen windows I stare out of
become something of anxiety.
I breathe in short, sharp gasps
I suddenly realize I’ve been holding my breath.

I miss your warmth,
your presence,
your comfort.

I miss warming my frozen fingers and toes against the fire of your flesh.
I face the morning with tired resolve
and count the days of winter left.

I am resolute, but cold without you.


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