Man And Wife

There are complexities in this life that can be broken down, figured out and reassembled with a greater love and appreciation;
A silent understanding that the two share; both the seeker and the enigma.
The knowledge in code that while all of mankind ogle and scratch at their bewildered minds in an effort to piece together the entities, the bond of shared truth holds the opposing sides in perfect harmony.

Then there are complexities that must remain in opposition with one another to remain in balance; magnetics, gravity and the like; that cannot seek to be alike or even understand the other.
These are such that no disassembling could yield understanding; no silent truce could be reached, no secret smiles exchanged and neither complexity can comprehend the other without the delicate balance of the universe crashing down about us.

And so it is that neither of these is more true or seen more clearly than in man and wife.


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