The Ups For The Downs.

Someone once told me that when I’m having a particularly bad day, or week, it’s good to list the things that make me happy or bring me joy. So here’s my list, just because I want to think about my ‘ups’!

– Getting into bed with freshly washed (and ironed) sheets with clean shaven legs. Yes, I steam iron my sheets. Which brings me to…
– Crisp laundry.
– The smell of fresh coffee.
– The smell of rain.
– Waking up to my husband spooning me in the middle of the night
– A full fridge of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat and cheese.
– Clouds and skies in general.
– Second hand Poetry books that have inscriptions in them.
– Walking past a man wearing cologne that smells amazing.
– Autumn leaves on the ground. I just want to kick them up and play in them.
– Crisp morning air. It makes me feel alive.
– Getting into bed with the electric blanket on.
– My cat Goo licking my head while I sleep.
– Cracking the spine of a book for the first time.
– Love poetry.
– Window displays full of bright colours.
– Fresh snow.
– Winter coats and buttons and knits.
– Hand written letters.
– Listening to an album for the first time and being blown away.
– The colour red.
– That sleepy feeling you get when you’ve eaten a huge breakfast.
– Having really entertaining dreams.
– Seeing my breath in the air on cold mornings.
– Breaking the seal on a new dvd or cd.
– The first sip of water when you’re really thirsty.
– The way I feel in the last 5 minutes of my run.
– Stretching in the morning before I get out of bed and making wookie noises.
– The turqoise water at the beaches in Perth
– Watching my dog swim at the beach.
– Surprising people with special gifts for special occasions.
– Edward Monkton. Fullstop.
– Drying my hair in the sun.
– Laying in a hammock reading a good book with a cool breeze on a warm day.
– Trees.
– Baby animals.
– Naming things. I do it a lot.
– Beautiful art prints.
– Printed photographs.
– That moment when God shows up when I’m not actively seeking his presence.
– The smell of popcorn.
– Putting my head under the shower after a work out
– Waking up and thinking you have to go to work only to realise it’s the weekend
– Sheepskin rugs
– When you smell freshly cut grass or Jasmine and you know summer is here.
– A clean house.
– Lamps on in the morning on rainy days.
– Fireplaces.
– Newly manicured nails.
– Pink or red flowers.
– New pyjamas.
– Nostalgia, onset by music.
– When no one is in my gym in our apartment and I can run on the treadmill singing Taylor Swift songs at the top of my lungs.
– A cup of tea in a china teacup.
– The expression on my husband’s face when he’s really excited about something.
– Rain on the roof.
– Viber messages or Face Time with my friends in New York.
– Listening to music my brother made me love, and missing him in a good way.
– Pretty piano music that stirs my soul.
– Cooking a meal for friends that tastes awesome.
– Scarves and beanies.
– Scratchies.
– Actually, scratching in general.
– Stationery.
– Spicy food that makes my nose run and my eyes water.
– Avocados.
– Photos of the people I love.
– Beautifully wrapped gifts.
– Diet coke with a slice of lemon and ice.
– When you buy something that’s a bit out of your price range, and it’s on sale, but you didn’t know.
– Finding an amazing pair of shoes.
– Lazy Sunday mornings with my Husband.
– Having days where I have absolutely nowhere to be and nothing to do.
– Seeing hot air balloons at sunrise over Melbourne.
– Discovering an amazing restaurant.
– Booking flights.
– Getting new bank cards or photo ID.
– Signing my new last name.
– Counting stairs as I climb or descend them.
– blankets.
– When my husband tells me I look nice, especially when I don’t feel like I do.
– Phone calls from my dad.
– Long chats with my mum.
– Visits home.
– The way my pets come running when I visit.
– L’oreal Extra Intense Liquid Eye pencil.
– Typography.
– Reading blogs that just hit the nail on the head.
– Having my hair done.
– Getting caught in ‘the zone’ when I sit at my piano and losing hours.
– Being by the water.

There are so many more. I’m sure I’ve forgotten tons.

Happy. Going to bed now. šŸ™‚


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