There isn’t anything profound in this blog. I just need to write it…

I’m tired.



I have a beautiful life. I have a job. I have all the good things. I know.

But I’m struggling.

I’m tired of day after day, doing things because I have to rather than because I want to.

I’m tired of having to be around people I have no emotional connection with.

I’m tired of all my heart and soul friends being so far away.

I’m tired of waking up exhausted. Of diabetes. Of Insomnia. Of Anxiety. Of Depression.

I’m tired of people offering solutions that are for completely different problems to the ones I have.

Tired of being misunderstood.

Tired of not feeling like I can ever be myself.

Tired of television, the media, the overwhelming barrage of noise and imagery in my every day life.

Heck, I’m tired of breathing in second hand cigarette smoke when I walk outside.

I’m too tired to run, too tired to fight.

I ask for someone to listen, and they want to speak.

I ask for someone to understand, they try to explain.

I’m tired of having to apologize for being tired.


I’m just really tired of being tired.



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