Crash and Burn.

Oh, anxiety, you’re such a jerk.

Last week I was on top of the world after my audition went to air. I could not believe the amazing love and encouragement that people from all over poured out after I appeared on The Voice Australia. It was truly one of the happiest experiences I’ve had in a very long time.

And then, reality came calling. I struggled to maintain my usual stride, felt flustered, anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, emotional…
I had really forgotten that part of the whole ‘performance’ deal.

I forgot how hard I crash and burn after I perform.

I forgot how much it takes out of me to get up in front of strangers and be myself, completely.

Suddenly, anxiety and depression are wrapping themselves around me like blankets tangled in dreams and I find myself reeling with the pure sensation of the crash after I soared.

Today is the hardest day so far.


Thank you for keeping my head above water.

I hope this crash doesn’t burn too long.




4 thoughts on “Crash and Burn.

  1. Anxiety is the jerkinest jerk that ever jerked!
    Hope you’re able to find some some peace and rest from the reeling soon, and that you find ways to revel in the fact that you soared beautifully, even through a tough, long journey!

    Maybe one fine day they will find a cure that helps us land while still letting us soar. Xx

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