I think of you up here in the air.
Like a lens pulling into focus
I remember you
With all the clarity and vision
of a birds eye view.
My senses absorb
and I remember;
your smell;
the textures of your skin;
the light in your eyes.
I see it in my own
on the occasion I should glance hope
fleetingly in the mirror.

I don’t know why being up here brings such clarity of thought;
So many vivid thoughts of your voice,
Your humour, your edges, your balance, your light, your shade,
But I see you clearer here, and I need it more than oxygen.

Perhaps flying above the clouds
allows the skies in my head to clear.
Perhaps I see
with better minds eyesight in the sky,
above the clouds of doubt that hover over me below,
When I am above the storm of an unremarkable life;
When I am above my reality.

All I know is here on these wings I see you
I feel you
I miss you
I am closer to you with more certainty
than of all my days spent with my feet on the ground.




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