This Is Insanity.

We face the ashes of the mourning
And in the morning the terror grips;
Its icy hands around our throats,
And in our desperation we turn on one another,
Firing words like missiles through the air
With reckless abandon and little, if any regard of where they land.

We claim to be connected
Yet we are more disconnected;
More distant; More unreachable than ever before.
Our media is anti-social
And bullies cry “bully!”
And wolf, “wolf.”

Can you see what I mean?

We demand equality in every way
Yet give none.
We hold others on pedestals of righteous morality;
Demand respect for our opinions,
Yet condemn all who disagree
And the irony of it makes me sick.

We still haven’t learned that the word “sorry”
means just that.
Rather we demand reconciliation
and atonement with every breath,
Over and over until the words mean nothing
And lip service is all that’s left.

Are you hearing me?

We demand cultural acknowledgment
But label those who are the Westerns ‘Racist’
When they express pride in their own people.
I feel like I’m watching re-runs of history,
And over and over
We repeat.

Would someone tell me when did a war ever bring peace?
Show me a battle that didn’t ruin its soldiers,
Prove to me that the cost in lives was worth the capital gain.
I dare you to turn back those who flee
From the country you ravaged with your policies
And whose plains you raped for your resources.

It brings me to my knees.

All I see is a big ball of flaming wreckage
And it seems that it takes a literal plane crash;
A literal inferno at the hands of a madman,
An act that is equally as senseless and equally as poignant

Before anyone starts to wonder why we just keep doing this,
Over and over.

Is this making sense?



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