Happy Birthday Rachel

Four years ago my brother Kristian Anderson made this elaborate yet simple message for his wife’s birthday.
He uploaded this for our families to see as we are all over the world.

A few months later, this video took him and Rachel to the stage on Oprah’s Australian visit where she gifted them $250,000.00 for the continuation of his cancer treatment.

Not many people knew who my brother was but if you did before you saw this video, you would know how deeply romantic he was and how precious his wife Rachel was to him.

Today is Rachel’s birthday and I just want to thank her for her presence in our lives, for the love and dedication she showed to my brother during their marriage and the love she continues to give to their children and our family.
It’s easy to say you’ll stay for better or worse, but when cancer takes you to the extremes of “worse” it really shows who people are and what they’re made of.

So here’s the video that began it all.
Happy birthday Rachel. We love you so very much. Xx

Rachel’s Birthday Video

(Typed on my iPhone… Please forgive any weird word substitutes!!)



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