A New Chapter

I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog front after surgery so I thought I’d post an update for anyone interested!
Nearly three weeks ago one of my biggest wishes in life was fulfilled, my husband and I brought home two fur babies; two Brown Burmese kittens, who are now 10 weeks old.

In our last apartment, we were on the 21st floor and our landlord did not want pets, so a condition of our new place had to be that it was pet friendly. The new landlords didn’t want a dog, but they were fine to allow us kittens! So!

Without further ado, please allow me to introduce my babies, who bring me endless smiles, laughter, joy and love. I feel as if my heart may burst sometimes with how happy they make me. I’ve waited what feels like forever for these two, our little family just got bigger in the best, fluffiest way! Coming up to our 2 year wedding anniversary and 8 years together, the timing is perfect.












Before you ask, no, Stu and I are not *quite* ready for real babies, so here is our practice run. Haha.

Chewie is our baby boy, who gives awesome cuddles and purrs like crazy when you make eye to eye conversation with him. Yesterday he learned the hard way that you can’t walk on bath bubbles, as pictured.

Cheetah is our baby girl and she has daddy wrapped around her little paws big time. She is less Moochy than her big brother but is so sweet and gentle it’s gorgeous.

I’ve been off work with bronchitis this week, and having these two to keep me company and purr me back to health has been amazing.

So that’s where life is at right now! My legs are going well, I think I will be ready to return to the gym once my lungs clear out! I’m excited that life is on track and we are ready for the next stage 🙂


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