Life Goes On.

As many of you know, my brother’s video for his wife’s birthday made a huge impact and eventually lead to them appearing on Oprah when she visited Australia.

It’s been almost 3 years since Kristian passed away and recently Oprah did a follow up Skype interview with Rachel to see how she was doing and what life was like for her after Kristian died.

It’s amazing to me to see how his story continues to impact the world, but what hits me like a ton of bricks here are the words from my nephews, Jakob and Cody.

They were just 3 and 5 when Kris died, so this Aunty got very teary when I heard what my now 6 and (nearly) 8 year old baby nephews who aren’t such babies anymore had to say about their Daddy.

Rachel and her new husband Richard now live in Invercargill, New Zealand where the boys have loads of space to run and cows to chase on their farm. While it was always going to be so very hard to see the boys grow up without their Dad, we are thankful that Rachel has another chance to be happy and have joy in her life again, and I know Richard brings that to her in so many ways, and I know he cares very deeply for my nephews and will love them as his own.

It’s hard not to appreciate that.

I hope you enjoy this update on my family. If you haven’t already, you can check out Kristian’s blog here.

If you’ve been living under a rock you can watch the video of how it all began by clicking through to YouTube but I strongly suggest tissues.

Kristian’s book is called Days Like These.

I still miss you. Every day. Every few weeks I pray and ask God to let me see you in my dreams, and every time, without fail, there you are.
Life isn’t the same without you… But life goes on.
And I know that’s what you wanted for us. Xx







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