With poisonous passion, they condemn

Forked tongues hidden behind passive smiles

Lips dripping with desire and flesh

Tasty morsels to tempt. 

They strike with iron, burning fire 

Demand of you your silence

Bind you in legalities and labels of hate

Accuse you of their very crime. 

Keep silent, lest you be drowned out

By the loudest fools

With worldy wisdom they assault your roots

Lacing salt all the way through. 

Agree or be hated, harried, maligned

And bow to the rules of popularity

Your conviction means nothing because it’s not ours

Be silent, fool. 

I was not built for war

But I am a solider in the trenches. 

I will fight for truth. 

For freedom. 

Your gags only Stoke the fire within my bones:

His word. 

In every fibre of my soul. 

I will not be silent. 

“Always speak the truth; even if your voice shakes.”


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