Hey Baby… (Part 3)

19 Weeks

Hey Baby,

My little sweet potato. At least in size, you’re about that big now. The most exciting thing for me over the last few weeks has definitely been the development of your hearing, which inevitably means the beginning of your musical inheritance.

Music is, well, indescribable. It’s everything. It’s joy, it’s sorrow, it’s elation, it’s relaxation and calm, it’s fury, it’s being understood in ways you can’t verbalize, it’s your spirit’s native language. I’ve spent so much of my life learning to love it, create it, hear it, I mean truly hear it. It’s such an enormous part of who I am, and where you come from in so many ways.

So I’ve been really enjoying playing you tunes here and there, and enjoying the reaction inside me as you dance and groove away to the songs I’ve played for you.

We’ve walked through the limited playlist on my phone so far, and I’ve been able to show you some of your Uncle Kristian’s favourite bands and songs, or at least the ones we shared a passion for. Uncle Kristian was more or less the first introduction to my musical inheritance; his music used to leak through the walls of our house and into my room when I was really little. I grew up listening to the Beach Boys Endless Summer album, Mariah Carey’s MTV Unplugged, so many guitarists I can’t even mention and of course, the ever-sexy sounds of Kenny G’s soprano saxophone, which both your uncle and myself eventually learnt (alto, anyway) although he had far more patience for it than I ever did.

Music is so, so important. It can take us places we can’t reach in the natural. It takes us to a level of spirituality and emotional awareness, it helps us see God. It understands the deepest parts of who we are, the cry inside of us to be loved, known, heard and valued.

I really pray that music is as much a part of you as it has been for me, but even just that little bit more so. Because while I know my time has mostly passed to pursue it, and it now sits comfortably on my shelf for the days I need it the most, like a comforting, familiar blanket that comforts your soul, I know I didn’t chase it hard enough to succeed the way I know I could have. It’s ok though, because I wonder if I was still chasing it, whether I’d be on this journey with you right now, sharing the melodies and rhythms that have shaped me in every aspect of my life. But even so, I find myself hoping you might love it just that little bit more than I ever did. And that you’ll pursue it with the same dogged determination that your Uncle did in his lifetime.

Either way, while it’s up to me, I’ll be imparting your musical inheritance right up until you fly the coup. And yes, that includes family road trips, endless cringe-worthy mum moments of belting out songs at the top of my lungs to you, making up silly tunes while we play, singing you soothing words to sleep by, and just plain hoping you’ll love the same things I do.

I can’t wait til the day you show me something musical that I’ve never heard before… even if I hate it.

So with that, Baby, I’ll leave you with today’s tune, which had you wriggling and kicking all over the bump.

Til we see you face to face,

love Mum.


“I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O LORD, I will make music.” – Psalm 101:1





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