I am Beth Anderson.

Wife to the love of my life, Mother to my son, 17855446_10158627054240457_6734862736041807681_odaughter to the greatest parents I could have asked for.
Sister to two brothers, one living on earth, the other in Heaven.

I love Poetry. Books. Animals. Trees. Music. Sky. Words. Shoes. Red. Husband. Love.

This is my story.

After playing in Sydney based band Emmaus for 2 and a half years, and gleaning an arts degree majoring in songwriting, Beth set out to release her album as a follow up to her EP “Between Beauty And Sorrow” (June 2005). In March 2010, her full-length album was released on iTunes worldwide, and went to the number 1 position in Australia for the inspirational charts. The album was written and performed by Beth, and produced with her brother Kristian Anderson. It was 5 years in the making.

“This journey has been one of undeniable change in me. When I started this album I was 22 years old with my heart on my sleeve and a lot to learn about life. I spent so much time worrying about how to please everyone, who would like it, who would hate it. I imagined it all being one magical fairytale to the top. But in the midst of the most ridiculous problems, this album has, at it’s heart, always been about learning through change. When I listen to these songs; songs that I wrote over 6 years ago now, I laugh to myself, because when I wrote them, I was writing them for you. Listening to them now, I see that I wrote them exactly for this time – for what I have had to go through to get here. I was writing the story of now, disguised as the story of then.”

“I’m sorry if the length of time it took from start to release has disappointed anyone. I am so incredibly thankful for the support I’ve received from everyone during this ride. My family has been incredible, my friends, amazing. But the people who have waited and waited, and continued to be excited for this album… to you I owe so much. You may not agree with a lot of things you hear. You might not like it. And that’s ok. I hope you DO like it. I hope it makes you feel as free as it makes me feel. I hope you enjoy listening to the journey that I’ve been on, and I hope in some way it helps you with your own.”

“This artwork would not have happened if not for the vision and tireless dedication of my oldest brother Kristian, who spent years of his time giving my dream bones, breath, life. I never imagined when I wrote ‘Everything Fades’ in 2005 that it would one day be the song my brother’s body was carried out to at his funeral. I never imagined the significance of this song. I never imagined anything that wasn’t in some way connected to, and a part of my brother. I wish every day that he had beaten the cancer, but I am left with the most amazing piece of him. I will cherish this project and every ‘Kristian Anderson’ stamp it has in it. And I will remember the nights in the studio, the sibling arguments, the excitement we shared during the making of To The Fall. And I will miss him every time. This was Kristian’s masterpiece. I just wrote the script.”


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